Drama has opened up a whole new world for Dharam and we’ve noticed a big improvement in his ability to communicate and engage with everyone around him.

Our drama sessions begin with a warm-up activity such as a drumming call and response game. This is a great game for working on communication skills, as it encourages everyone to think about when it is time to listen and when it is time to talk.

As part of our group mirroring exercise, Dharam will tap out a rhythm, or move his body and then everyone else will copy.

When Dharam first started these activities, we might be able to keep his concentration for a few seconds. Now, months later, Dharam can stay engaged for a minute or more.

Dharam sat with Douglas who runs the drama workshop at the Arts & Crafts CentreThis might not seem like a huge amount of time, but it gives Dharam the opportunity to take charge of his environment and to notice that people are responding to him. We are also working on developing language through games. When he started with us Dharam had very limited speech. Now he can direct the parachute up and down using words.

We work with many Art Makers like Dharam who might be shy or are not confident communicators, and through drama, we encourage them to start to make a connection with the people around them.

Your donation will go back into funding workshops like drama, helping many more people to make friends, enjoy meaningful social interactions and ultimately to find their own voice.