Kez has no sight but this is no barrier to her creativity. Since she was very young, she has been fascinated by hands.  They play a large part in how she creates an image of the people in her life. Kez likes to shake the hands of people she meets but found that some people are not always comfortable with this.

Can you imagine introducing yourself to someone without being able to see them? Without being able to put a face to a name, how do you create your own picture of this person? Do you focus on just the sound of their voice, the way it rises and falls, their accent? For Kez, making a connection with people she meets happens through the power of touch.

As part of her ‘Hands’ project, Kez chose to make a copy of hands to connect with people and give her a lasting memory of people who are or have been important to her.

Kez takes an outline drawing in pencil of each hand and then shapes a copy in wire. To make the hand more tactile she likes to thread tiny seed beads on to the wire. When each hand is finished she labels them with the person’s name in braille.

One of Kez

Kez said: “I like the feel of it…it’s relaxing and keeps my hands busy. The feeling you get when you finish a piece is great.”

Enabling this human connection is something we are passionate about at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre. Your donation will help us to put the power back into the hands of Art Makers like Kez.