Rachel is autistic and enjoys routine, responsibility and making her own choices. Tutors support her to produce a written checklist for each piece of work so that she can track her progress. Having a clear structure has helped Rachel to feel more in control and she has gone on to produce some beautiful artwork.

Rachel loves working with felt tips and produces bright, bold pictures. She designs and decorates bowls, plates and cups with her unique stylised flower designs. Recently Rachel completed a calendar project, making a print for every month of the year depicting flowers that grow at that time. Her designs translate well onto ceramics and her pet bowls have been very popular.

Art is just the start…

Rachel colouring in one of her pieces of artAs well as developing her creative talents, Rachel is also building up her confidence. She’s currently working on more independent travel so that she can find her own way around the Arts & Crafts Centre, opening up new experiences for her. Being involved in taking the daily register in her workshops has enabled her to connect with other Art Makers in a really positive way.

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