How your business could support Henshaws

Sponsorship – You can align your business with Henshaws by sponsoring us. We can provide positive press and the potential exposure for new customers, plus it qualifies as business expenses!

Partnership – Become a sponsor with us and we can help provide positive press, staff engagement and lots more.

Networking – You could help by recommending us to contacts or let us know about potential sponsors, helping us to grow our vital support network. We also run events where different companies come together, which makes for an invaluable networking experience.

Donating – We support people and their families all across the North of England and show people that they are not alone. Donations to charities are not taxed. If you work at a limited company, you could even pay less Corporation Tax when you donate to Henshaws.

What are the benefits?

The ex-mayor of Harrogate at Henshaws Gourmet Call my Bluff event holding up a glass of wine to the cameraThe ex-mayor of Harrogate at Henshaws Gourmet Call my Bluff event holding up a glass of wine to the cameraVolunteers from Jelf in blue t shirts stood together at the Arts & Crafts Centre smiling at the cameraChoosing Henshaws as your preferred charity is great for your staff morale, team building and personal development – especially if you take advantage of events and volunteering opportunities!

You can come visit one of our services; by visiting Henshaws you will get to meet the people and see the projects that your money is supporting. It encourages staff to work together to achieve a specific objective – and you’ll get some amazing PR with us too.

We’ll put together a bespoke plan for your company – incorporating any events you may want to hold, press and PR support, volunteering opportunities for staff and visits to the projects you are supporting. For more information, please email fundraising or ring them on 0300 222 5555.